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Americorps Member

AmeriCorps members will be placed in child care center classrooms serving low-income children ages 3-5. Members will be placed as classroom assistants and will engage in a variety of tasks throughout their day. The AmeriCorps member will be trained to deliver age-appropriate, engaging early math and literacy games and activities during the day – these will usually be provided in small group settings (3-6 children) either within the classroom or in a different room. Members will also be trained to conduct math and literacy assessments that will be conducted at the beginning and end of the term of service. When members are not engaged in these small group activities or assessments, they will be engaging children with a language rich environment, providing general classroom support and instruction and will participate in the daily routine of the classroom. This support will range from supervising children, helping children with classroom activities, helping them resolve conflict and build positive relationships with other children, reading to children, preparing activities and cleaning them up, eating lunch with children, setting up the room for nap time, etc. Just as all members of the teaching team, the AmeriCorps member may have to help/assist children with changing clothes, blowing their noses, and washing their hands. Generally the member will always be in the position of a classroom assistant, but there can be opportunities to take on some leadership tasks, such as planning and leading large group activities. This will depend on the skills and interest of the AmeriCorps member and the comfort level of the lead teacher. Therefore, the members’ activities will include everything from targeted small group activities and one-on-one assessment to prep and clean-up duties. Bi-lingual in Spanish/English encouraged to apply.

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