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Our time at Todos Juntos taught me how to read with my children, how to be a better parent, and it helped my son learn everything he needed to be successful in Pre-k. Now I know how to help my sons with their homework in English!
Teresa M., Former ECE Parent and ESL Student
The children at Todos Juntos have had a significant impact on me, and the thing I look forward to most each day is coming back to the center to see all the friends I have made in the classroom I teach in.
Diego Ramos, Todos Juntos Intern
My husband has also benefited from our time at Todos Juntos. I share with him about what I learn, including how to talk to the kids, parenting tips, etc. Sometimes my husband gets on the floor and plays with us and we laugh until our bellies hurt. We spend more quality time together, which makes us a stronger family.
Maria, ECE Parent and ESL Student

I have more confidence now. I feel comfortable helping Diego with homework. I feel more comfortable at meetings. And now if I don’t understand something, I’m confident enough to get the dictionary out and learn about it.
Mari, ECE Parent and ESL Student


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