We help Central Texas. TOGETHER.

Todos Juntos Learning Center is a non-profit organization that serves primarily (but not exclusively) Latino, Spanish-speaking, low-income families in the Austin and surrounding areas. We use a three-pronged approach to combat intergenerational poverty among Austin’s low-income, Spanish-speaking residents:

  • Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction

  • Culturally responsive parenting and life skills education.

  • High quality early childhood education (ECE)

  • Saludables Juntos, health focused services and networks of support

Todos Juntos believes that a multimodal, multigenerational approach is the best approach to ending the cycle of poverty and ensuring that all Austin’s residents can enjoy the promise our city has to offer.

people impacted by the work of TJ (2020-2021)
emergency funds distributed in response to COVID-19 & Winter Storm
home reading minutes for our families (2020-2021)

Creating a better tomorrow for Central Texas. TOGETHER.

There are numerous ways you can help out so that, together, we can make Central Texas a more prosperous, just, and thriving community.