Learning. TOGETHER.

Todos Juntos supports the academic and social well-being of parents and children through education, empowerment and community support.

Improving our community.

Todos Juntos Learning Center provides an inclusive, dual-generation education program in Central Texas for English Language Learner families in order to create a successful, thriving community.

Through educating both children and their parents, we create an opportunity for the entire family to feel at home in their community, providing better educational outcomes for kids and a stronger path to career success for adults.

of parents reported that they have an improved relationship with their child
of parents reported that they agree that Learning at home is just as important as learning at school
of parents felt more confident as a parent


Classes that teach children, ages 12 months to 4 years and high-quality bilingual classes.


Inclusive multi-level, English classes and workforce readiness for adults that also help them become students at Austin Community College.


A parenting program that empowers parents to build solid social, emotional, and educational foundations for their children.


A health and wellness program focused on equity and to access health services, basic needs, and mental health care.

My husband has also benefited from our time at Todos Juntos. I share with him about what I learn, including how to talk to the kids, parenting tips, etc. Sometimes my husband gets on the floor and plays with us and we laugh until our bellies hurt. We spend more quality time together, which makes us a stronger family.

ECE Parent and ESL Student

I have more confidence now. I feel comfortable helping Diego with homework. I feel more comfortable at meetings. And now if I don’t understand something, I’m confident enough to get the dictionary out and learn about it.

ECE Parent and ESL Student

Creating a better tomorrow for Central Texas. TOGETHER.

There are numerous ways you can help out so that, together, we can make Central Texas a more prosperous, just, and thriving community.